Fire truck

Fire extinguishing truck

Technical Specification of fire extinguishing truck


Water tank made with 3mm or 4mm sheet based on customer’s order

Mounting facilities based on customer’s need

5 mode rotation lamp with amplifiers

Fixed and stand projector with monitor projector

Fire extinguishing capsules, 6 and 12 Kg models

Silk hoses, 15 and 25 inches

Toolboxes and equipment

Power disconnection device, lock cut shear, mobile wire, and axe

Technical specifications:

Mountable on ISUZU 6 and 8 ton chasses and other truck chasses made in Iran

Equipped with 3000 Ltr. Tank (8-ton chassis) and 2000 Ltr. (6-ton chassis), steel texture 3, 4 with 3mm thickness

Equipped with side feeding hose, manhole and spillway valve

Godiva design pump P10 with maximum 20 bar pressure and 0.8 bar vacuum pressure

Equipped with hose rail and 20 meters high pressure hose

Equipped with monitor with 30 meters shoot power, 360 degree horizontal move and -15 to +75 degree vertical move

Observation of NFPA standards in designing

Move of pump via propeller axis and PTO

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