Mini Pack

Single Paddle Mini Waste Pack System, Rear Loading
Mountable on Nissan Chassis
Technical Specification of Mini Waste Pack System, mountable on Nissan Chassis
1- Painting in best quality
2- Electrical system including melody, rotating lights, projector
3- Installation of pedal on operators with handles
Technical specifications:
1- Volume of the tank: 4 cubic meters
2- Entry of 3mm tank floor st37
3- Wall sheets and reinforcing columns 2.5mm st37
4- Dimensions of tank proportion to Nissan chassis and cabin
5- Holder of mechanism for discharging 600-700 Liter carts
6- Movement of discharge mechanism by using hydraulic system
7- Garbage discharge by shovel and jack inside the tank\Garbage press by the paddle mounted on the roof of the vehicle
8- The system has hydraulic system including pump, oil tank, pressure control gauge
9- Hydraulic jacks with high quality made of the best materials available in the market
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