Simple truck without happer

Simple cable trailer

Technical Specification of Simple cable trailer


Beautiful design

Using the best materials in building the body

CO2 and one-piece welding

Painting with the best quality

Using jack for system stands

Installation of two rails for shovel in each side of the tank and suitable sliding bearings

Technical specifications:

Total volume: 61 cubic meters

Useful volume, 56 cubic meters

Highest length: 12650mm

Highest width: 2620 mm

Tallest height: 4300mm

Volume of hydraulic tank: 300 Ltr.

Volume of gasoline tank: 90 Ltr.

Volume of garbage juice tank if mounted: 250 Ltr

Loading from roof

Roof coat, metal coil and metal sieve

Movement of roof coats by hydraulic jack

Tallest height of blade, 460mm

Type of axle: 30 tons Iranian brand

Tires: 24 x 12

System with discharge shovel

Shovel movement by 5- antenna telescope jack

Floor sheet 4mm type, St37- wall sheet 3mm st37 type

Drive force with lateral engine, 4 cylinders, Perkins 


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